2022 Million Dollar Challenge

Our 2021 Team at the start in San Francisco!
Our 2021 Team at the start in San Francisco!


Our team has come together from across several states to raise money and awareness for Challenged Athletes. Some of us have completed this event many times, others are joining for their first. 

PLEASE JOIN US in making this our best year ever!

"CAF has afforded me the privilege to clearly see the power of the human spirit, and has given me friendships that I will have for the rest of my life." - Don Novel

"I was fortunate enough to witness first hand how CAF’s mission helps reignite the challenged athletes desire, determination and grit through sport, that will continue to make me a life long supporter" - Justin Rhoads

"CAF has shown me the power of sport. When combined with friendship, purpose and positivity - sport can make magical things happen." - Jenny Reynolds

"When I think of CAF I think of all of the Change it makes in the abilities, hearts and minds of those who are challenged athletes as well as in those who Give to see the change become a new reality." - Sean Jager

"The Challenged Athletes Foundation means change. The change of heart, body and spirit. I went to CAF to help change the lives of others for the better when in fact it was me that was forever changed." - Laurie Michel

"The CAF MDC event gave me the opportunity to personally support the development and supply of technologically advanced equipment that enhances the lives of those living with mobility challenges." - Ron Davies

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