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We are so excited that you’ve decided to share your passion for CAF and cycling with others! CAF Cycling Club offers a unique cycling experience available to athletes of all ability levels and avenues of cycling worldwide! Unlike traditional cycling clubs that are confined by geography and skill level, the CAF Cycling Club is for absolutely anyone with an interest in cycling and a desire to support the CAF mission. By gifting this membership, you are helping to spread awareness for challenged athletes and bring together a community of like-minded individuals all across the globe.

Members of CAF Cycling Club will receive the following perks and benefits:

  • CAF Cycling Club Jersey
  • Monthly emails with educational tools, how-to videos, challenged athlete biographies & highlights, and more
  • Sponsor and CAF Store Discounts
  • Sample training plans created by expert challenged athlete coaches for all levels of experience
  • A community of cycling enthusiasts from all over the world
  • Virtual Cycling Challenges and other online activities to stretch your goals

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